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BMW 3 series car gift paper umbrella

Cooperation with the BMW Hibiscus flower as the background, the new BMW 3 Series sedan placed among them, not only increase the car's nobility, but also let BMW into Chinese consumers

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Cartoon Brown Bear theme umbrella

Brown Bear Head as the theme, the Bear's eyes as a feature, with the characteristics of the bear, so that the whole umbrella to show a lively and lively atmosphere.

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Coral Reef Parasols

Take the charm coral reef group as the background element, designs a coral parasol, lets the people be able to cool one summer

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Rewards advertising parasol

As the most important cultural carrier in the history of China, the parasol means good luck and has a deep foundation. It is also a kind of advertisement to present its own brand culture as a gift to those who need it.

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just married paper parasol

In the west, white paper umbrellas are widely used as a kind of decorative props for weddings. People write their wishes on the umbrellas to convey to relatives and friends, which means good things.

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Japanese paper umbrella

At present, many enterprises are used to their corporate culture through a specific carrier, so that the public is easy to accept, umbrella is the best choice.

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 paper parasol umbrella

Creative with red water droplets, the water droplets together to create a refreshing feeling

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