Factory and production equipment

Milyin is a professional headphone manufacturer, the main products are: various specifications and grades of wired headphone, Bluetooth headphone, TWS earbuds and so on. In order to ensure product quality and improve production efficiency. Shenzhen Milyin Technology is equipped with a large number of testing, production equipment.

Factory and production equipment5
Factory and production equipment4
Factory and production equipment3
Factory and production equipment

Milyin integrates research and development, production and sales of earphones, and has its own injection mold department, which can independently open mold and injection molding. Have a professional foreign trade team and import and export rights. There are many styles of earphones and a number of patents on earphones. Welcome foreign trade companies, cross-border e-commerce, and other customers to discuss cooperation. Headphone factory Shenzhen milyin Technology contact number:Mr.Li13760268348.
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